A few minutes ago, when I started to write down my article this morning, I went through a great ordeal with some kind of temptations. I felt so anxious and impatient because the computer I am using now was too slow to respond then when I started to type, it went off the line. I could not go on anymore because the computer seemed not cooperating with me. I was too apprehensive and disgusted, so I was about to give up after almost half an hour of waiting. I called for help from my nephew and a little while he came to help me with the non-responding computer. The I remembered to ask God for help because it was not ready to function but I was so anxious to have my article for today be submitted. I prayed for help, I asked God to stop the devil from stopping me in my work. It came to my mind that the devil might have been distracting me because my article was about faith in God. So, I sincerely offered my present problem with my work to God, asking for His help at the moment's problem. I then prayed one Our Father in my heart and spirit, one Hail Mary and one Glory be...... then whispered again to God to help me drive the evil away so that I would be able to proceed with my article writing.Then after a few seconds, the computer moved and it was ok.Oh, it was a miracle for me, God responded to my prayer for help, He made the computer work, and I went on with my writing so smoothly.That's what I used to do when I encounter some troubles in my work.My heart and mind whisper to me that some evil spirit might be working also to distract me, so I immediately turn to God for help. With this short prayer, I wish to end this particular article. Thank You Father for being always here by my side when I am at work.I believe You see my need at hand, You see clearly what's in my heart and mind, so You come to my aid when I ask for it.You never abandon me God when I'm in need, so I confidently come to You and with faith and trust I always lift up to You my problems. Thank You Father for helping me. Amen.