"Texting is Fine, Calling is Okay, But Being With You, is the Best.!" Weheh.. sweetness :) Im just wondering, when will I meet the girl that is for me? Hmm.. Well im not rushing into love since I dont want to get married yet. I havent reach my goals. But I miss being inlove :) I miss texting someone and tell her that I love her, and wait for her reply saying she love me too.. Weeh.! :D and text her again ask her if what shes wearing.. -naughty- haha.! Maybe the reason why I dont have girlfriend right now is I dont want to load my simcard, I didnt make a load in about 2 years already? But now I want to have a girlfriend again.. To have a call before going to sleep, and text her when I waking up.. I miss being "inlove" <3