I am somewhat of an Elvis fan and I never mind listening to his timeless songs. We know Elvis has a huge following obviously, and people still like to try and dress like him, sing like him, and move like him. Some think this kind of impersonating thing is rather sad, (get a life,) but I don't judge people unfairly. If it feels good do it I say. These impersonators give a vast amount of people a lot of pleasure and some of them are very good. As with any impersonations some are equally not so good!

I came across a current story the other day about someone who doesn't dress like Elvis or move like him, but boy does he sound like him. He is only sixteen years old and is a French-Canadian named David Thibault. There are videos all over the internet showing this young man playing guitar and giving a rendition of Blue Christmas filmed at a Quebec radio station. Amazed is not the word! If I didn't know anything about this talented young man, I would think it was Elvis Presley for sure.

I am not sure if allowed to link so if you just put David Thibault Blue Christmas in a Google search, I am sure you will find it on the first page. I think you will be as amazed as I am with his wonderful vocal impersonation.

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