On season two of 16 & Pregnant, a young girl named Markai Durham was sixteen and pregnant with her first child, Za'Karia. And right after MTV aired her episode, Markai found out she was pregnant with her second child. MTV then aired a special controversial episode titled 16 & Pregnant: No Easy Decision and everyone learned that she decided to have abortion. That was in 2010 and this teen momster regrets her decision and actually blames her baby's dad.

"Just tell you i wish i never done it wish i was strong enough to not let a man make the decision 4me." She warned girls that their decision to abort a pregnancy will "eat your soul up".

According to Markai's Ask.fm account, she is now expecting baby number three at just 22 years of age and plans to keep it. Which DOES NOT shock me in the least because these girls are popping babies out left and right. I would almost half expect a young mother who has gone through the experiences she has to be more cautious of safe sex and use protection. A fan told this mom-to-be for the third time that she wanted to have her baby's dad's (James Dramz) baby and Markai responded, "Ugh'm...Already having a baby" and the curious fan asked, "Are you preggers?" and she answered, ";) I plead the fifth".

Now, Markai and James split in 2011, just a short time after their second pregnancy ended in a decision to have an abortion. And it was never revealed whether or not they worked things out. Markai has not discussed who the father of her latest pregnancy is, but by the way she dropped this information on fans, I'd say it's James'.

UPDATE: Markai has DENIED being pregnant again since the rumors of her being pregnant circulated. She says her and James are NOT together and he has a girlfriend and she likes her. But she says that she has hooked up with James since they broke up. So, if she is pregnant, it could possibly be his or not.

What do you think?

Source: Wetpaint Markai's Ask.fm