The show "Teen Mom" is an interesting show and sometimes the teen parents are doing all they can to make thing work. Watching some of the show tonight (Sept. 23) I have anxiety for the future of America. The selfishness is intense and the way some of the girls handle things is beyond belief. That any guy would refuse to give up doing illegal things (smoking pot ) for his child is heartbreaking - especially when you see the baby looking up at him with admiration.

Some of the parental support for the teen moms do not seem to understand the dads rights, even though the dad maybe a complete idiot. Other times it seems like the parents influence cause even more problems. It is hard to tell because they don't' tell you enough on the show of how things really are.

I am not a regular watcher of this show but decided it was time to take a look at the show. I can't watch the in depth analysis afterward. I fear for the country if the selfishness reflected on this show is #reality

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