The girls are back!!! And they are bringing more drama than ever this season. It's been almost 9 months since we last saw the girls and a lot has changed and a lot has happened.

Last season we seen Leah struggle with her feelings for both Corey and Jeremy, juggle school, take care of her girls, and move on with her life. We watched her go through the heartbreak of a divorce and a miscarriage, but we also seen her get married and start fresh- fast for most, but moved on nonetheless. She and Jeremy have a 10 month old daughter, Adalynn and Jeremy has a new job stationed in New Mexico while Leah and the girls are in West Virginia. Leah has a job at a local tanning salon and has plans to open up her very own tanning salon soon.

Chelsea dealt with establishing her independence and getting a job, getting her GED, and going to beauty school. She had to take care of Aubree full time as Adam was not as hands on at the time and hardly ever saw her. After their last breakup, they hooked up and Chelsea had a pregnancy scare- not to worry folks, she was not pregnant. She got her GED and has actually recently graduated beauty school. She is single and Adam has a 3 month old daughter, Paislee, with his girlfriend of roughly a year, Taylor.

Kailyn struggled with her feelings for Jo after her on again of again relationship with Jordan. Jo actually moved on with a girl named Vee and the two are currently still together. Kailyn dated Javi for a few months before asking him to move in and he decided to join the air force and they were married about a year into their relationship. These two just welcomed their first son together, Lincoln Marshall, about a week and a half ago.

Last but not least, Jenelle, dated Gary and Kieffer on and off during the last season and ended her debut high as hell on morphine with Kieffahhhhh. Well, this time last year, she married Courtland Rogers and they got pregnant in January. The two split not long after the announcement and Jenelle allegedly suffered a miscarriage. She got back with her husband for a few months then they split for good. She met Nathan around May/June and they instantly started trying for a baby. Just last week they announced that she was expecting and actually got arrested this past weekend. And it's rumored that she and Nathan are no longer together because "he doesn't show her enough appreciation".

The cast announced last night that fans should watch MTV tonight because the trailer for season 5 will air!! And that's not all. News broke earlier this morning that season 5 will air on January 21- which is odd because starting their 4th season it switched to Mondays are a they're going back to their old air day of Tuesday? I guess we shall see tonight during the promo trailer.

Who are you more excited to see during this final season?

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