Violence in video games has hit an all time high. People can play games, beat up who they want and even how they want. The details in the graphics are even more scary.

But this one game isn't as highly graphic as these other games. It's called Flappy Bird and maybe you've heard of it. The humor in the game is what makes it popular and it is a very frustrating according to the players.

Apparently a teenager in Chicago was recently arrested for killing his own brother over a high score in Flappy Birds. The reports say that the 17 year old brother had a high score and kept teasing his younger 16 year old brother about his low score. The younger brother, Gary Wright, got really jealous and things began to get out of hand.

The 16 year old apparently turned himself in after the murder. This news was originally made by Huzlers, a group on Facebook. It is confirmed that it is fake and is not real. People on Facebook are still sharing the news as if it really happened.

What a crazy world we live

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