I was born in 1957, and grew up in the 1960s and 70s. Things were different then, especially technology.

Phones- We had one phone. It was in the kitchen, attached to the wall. The receiver was attached to the phone with a curly cord. It had a dial, and you stuck your finger in and made it go around in a circle to dial the numbers. It went click click click. It took sort of a long time if there were a lot of 9s in the number. If you were away from home and needed to make a phone call, you could find a phone booth on a street corner or at a gas station. A phone call cost a dime.

Television- We had one television. It was in the living room. Broadcasts were free, you didn’t need to pay for a satellite dish or cable. There was an antenna on the roof, or an antenna on top of the TV itself, known as rabbit ears. Sometimes you could improve the reception by attaching a piece of aluminum foil to the rabbit ears. We had 4 channels to choose from: NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS. If there wasn’t anything on any of the channels that you wanted to watch, that was fine, you found something else to do, like read a book, or play a board game, or if it was daytime, go outside and play. If you wanted to watch a movie, you had to go to the cinema or hope that it would be shown on TV sometime.

Music- There was the radio, which picked up local stations, and there were vinyl records that you played on record players, and some people had 8-track tape players in their cars.

That was pretty much it. No computers, VCRs, DVD players, CDs, iPods, iPads, video games, cell phones, or answering machines. Life was simple.