Winning’ inspires people to work harder; a winner gives hope to ordinary individuals and inspires them to stretch to make it to the extra…ordinary. I wish to touch upon a few aspects relevant to IT managers from the standpoint of a winning culture. It is critical for most IT managers who aspire to grow in their careers to understand the importance of creating a winning culture in their organisations and in their teams.

Create a Winning Attitude “How do IT managers contribute to bring in a win- ning culture into the enterprise”? The quintessential approach is to create a winning attitude followed by a winning team. There are a few ingredients that IT managers must imbibe if such a culture needs to be built. They have to: Focus on common goal Possess a high level of commitment, responsibility, accountability Have a sense of ownership in making things hap- pen beyond barriers Establish certain limitations by maximising their collective strengths as a winning team What does all this mean? For an IT manager, it is imperative to ensure the goals are clearly articulated and well defined to the team, while maintaining the necessary discipline in terms of project management, and taking into account the three pillars which form the scope: speed, time and quality.

A Positive environment It is fundamental to create an environment for the team to unleash their potential--with skills and knowledge and a positive attitude which creates a winning habit. Another most crucial criterion is to have the right balance of team with the right skills, competencies and continual learning to acquire the skills required to be part of a winning team.

High performance and a high impact team create a winning team. Play Like a Champion Mediocrity is unacceptable in a winning team. A winning team creates a winning culture. Winning that is shared is an inspiration and a winning team always inspires every team / member in the enter- prise to create a winning situation and be a winner. A winning team always plays like champions…every match and every goal is important; it performs like a rock star…it’s about creating shows, not just manag- ing them. Every show that guides us through prob- lems is important for the team to win and drive a winning culture.

Winning is a Habit, an Attitude As Maria Sharapova shared, “Tennis is made of losses and wins. Even if disappointed when one looses the game, one needs to stand up again and continue fighting for the next match.” Winning is a habit and an attitude. As leaders, we have to imbibe this within ourselves and inspire the team to imbibe it and be part of the winning team to create a winning culture across the organisation.