Morning #Bubblers . Just wanted to share what I got in the mail yesterday. Last week, I finally was able to click fast enough to get one of the daily deals on the website . It's a site that rewards you for shopping through their website to popular merchants across the web. They do have a sign-up bonus though. And with those sign up bonus points, you can check their site everyday for a daily deal that you can get for either free or super cheap. I had 115 points, and when the transaction went through, it deducted 5 pts from my bucksbee balance. I can't always get on this site at 10 am PST/1 pm EST but when I do, I try to score myself a gift card. It's limited to one person a day and they go within the first few seconds! Have you tried this site before and if you did, what did you get from the daily deals?

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