TARTE 1 pastry 1 can of condensed milk cooked 6 eggs juice and zest of 2 limes spray spike

MERENGUE 3 egg whites 6c. tablespoons sugar

Method of Preparation

Start by greasing one tareira as spray spike. On top place the paper where it came wrapped in pastry, tucking well. Press the dough so as to adhere very well to the shape. Beat the egg yolks in mixer with boiled condensed milk until the mixture is voluminous. Beat the egg whites very stiff and incorporate the mixture. Add the juice and zest of limes and beat well. Pour this mixture into tarteira above the bake dough and heated to 190 º about 25/30 minutes. Do the toothpick test. this mass is not one aspect of very cooked. Prepare the meringue

Beat the egg whites and then wrap tight sugar gradually. Pour the mixture into a pastry bag and decorate to your taste with the meringue. Take a hot oven about 5 minutes for browning.