One interesting characteristic of the dance Aceh is that it be done in groups. Seudati heroic carried by eight men. Saman, some call it the "dance a thousand hands" or "a thousand hand dance" that rampak and dynamic usually done by ten men or ten women. Likok Pulok too, though it can also be danced eight or twelve people. Ranub Lampuan beautiful dance to glorify are usually done by six or eight dara Aceh. No one's own Acehnese dance a solo alias. Is it because people do not dare Acehnese dance alone? It was not. Because supposedly the Acehnese had great individual courage. No less than the Pramoedya admit. "The Madura dare duel, the Javanese if berantam like brawl, but the people of Aceh have extraordinary individual courage" so to speak Pram said in an interview towards the end of his life. When the war in Aceh, Aceh began when opposition forces are weak, the Dutch colonial troops often ravaged Aceh fighters individually so known "Atjehnese murder" (Atjeh-moord). The same phenomenon has appeared DOM future soldiers and various military operations in Aceh Indonesia 1980s to the top. Another distinctive feature is the presence of a variety of dance Aceh sheikhs (leaders) and sometimes also aneuk Sych, a sort of deputy or assistant of Sych. This could be something to do with kosep priests and emirs in Islam that has its own unique face in Aceh. That any group of more than one person, shall elect one leader. If two people travel, then one of them is chosen so amir trip. The concept of leadership in Islam also manifests itself clearly in the prayer in congregation are very democratic and egalitarian, which supposedly inspired the creators Likok Pulok. Anyone can face God at the forefront of her behind the priest or even a priest. Anyone can become priests origin eligible to cater to anyone who wants to learn and practice it. Congregation, followers of the priest, the priest must join the movement. But be warned if the congregation the priest forgot. When the priests, sorry, fart, whoever may succeed him in the back of the priest and the priest with the awareness snediri should resign. The priest needs to pilgrims. Instead, the congregation was not without a priest. Because of that, the dance is a dance of Aceh congregation! In some movements, such as the dance Seudati and Ranub Lampuan, "the concept of space in the form of central-point-in-middle-ring" often appears. Margaret Kartomi, traditional art professor archipelago from Australia wrote: "... The central point-in-a-circle concept of space is believed to have its parallels in Perso-Arabic thinking and points to Aceh's links with Persian, Moghul, Turkish, and Arabic cultures over the past millennium. It governs mosque-centered town planning, some visual art designs and some formations of dancers and musicians who circle around their leader at the center point. "(Kartomi 2004) Not wrong if we say that the dance Aceh is one manifestation of civilization Aceh. How Aceh saw itself in the middle of the Persian, Moghul, Turkish, and Arabic dance halls visible in the concept of Aceh. Manifests also in village planning and the city where the mosque is the center point, both physically and mentally. Sheikhs, emirs, or priest determines the dynamic movement and dance in unison congregation. Forward together, retreat, sitting, cross-legged like the Saman; prancing, even ran excitedly as in Seudati. Graceful and tender as in Ranub Lampuan. Assisted aneuk sheikh, a sheikh set the tone, emotion, and movement of the dancers. Cooperation and mutual trust between the sheikh with the dancers is a necessity. There is no dance Aceh without the cooperation and mutual trust. Dance lose its beauty and charm. Just imagine the hands, body, head in the middle of conflicting simultaneous movement agility Saman dance! Taripun shattered. Taripun lose its existence! As dance Aceh, Aceh people can thrive and charming if he congregation. The disadvantage, each congregation is very susceptible to "whisper syeitan". If one dancer treasonous because their personal or subject-dance of seduction from the outside and is very easy in a world increasingly hedonistic, it corrupted the whole dance. Dancers can be influenced or bought. If one bought, perforated rows worshipers. If rows are rarely devil can not pass! As dance Aceh, Aceh people can thrive and be happy if his sheikh is a bookish priest, firmly, but also democratic and open. Many Acehnese still suffer to this day because of Aceh has long kehilagan leader who can lead the people forward movement. As Tari Saman or Likok Pulok without sheikh. During this time, the leader of Aceh also a forgetful lot. Is an obligation to remind people that know, such as the obligation to remind priests forget congregation in prayer congregations. So that pilgrims do not have to disband; remain rampak so enchanting dance. Aceh Hopefully not (again) got the priest who likes fart while in congregation, and there are no (more) sheikh who lost his voice in the middle of the top of the spirit of the dancers. If there is, let the priest know to resign and no one wants to come forward to replace! (Saiful Mahdi)