I've been reading about the T-Tapp workouts. They seem pretty great. I found instructions online for a few of the moves so I've started trying them. OIP is a move that you do that is supposed to reposition your internal organs back like they should be.

Makes sense as we age our organs just like everything kind of drops. So by doing this move you are moving them gently back up to where they should be. When you lay down with knee's bent they shift a little then if you raise your tushy they shift a bit more. Then you use your hands to kind of move them a bit gently.

They say women tend to lose an inch off their pouch after about a week.

What I've noticed in almost a week is that my pouch is down almost 1/2 an inch. (which I have to admit really isn't noticable to anyone other than me and I'm hoping its not wishful thinking.)

I have also noticed it is like a massage to my intestines and has caused me to feel better in that area.

My plan is to continue and see what happens. Inch loss is great but feeling better... now that is wonderful!