Cooking when one family member is a vegetarian can be a challenge. One of my sons enjoys meat, and the other son tries to avoid it. They both love Thai food, so when I discovered Swanson Thai Ginger broth in the grocery store this week, with a Thai Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe printed on the back of the carton, I read the directions and decided I would try to please both sons with one recipe.

I cooked the red peppers and carrots as directed. I added the Swanson Thai Ginger broth, and the other ingredients, which included coconut milk, cilantro, lime, and some other things—skipping the step where you add the chicken. I had cooked chicken breasts the night before and cut them up into bite size pieces. I reheated the chicken pieces in the microwave.

When the vegetable soup in the pot was hot and bubbly, I placed some chicken into an individual soup bowl and poured some of the mixture from the pot over it. This was for my meat-eating son. I repeated this procedure for my own serving. My other son's soup came directly from the pot, with no chicken.

It tasted spicy and delicious, and just right for everyone! The Thai Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe on the back of Swanson Thai Ginger broth is a great choice if you're cooking for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians!

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