I'm already doing a few different money making sites (Bubblews, Beso, TellWut), and I had been hearing a lot about SwagBucks, so I asked my grandma about it. (I swear, she's like the queen of money making sites... She knows the "in"s and "out"s, and "do"s and "don't"s of like every money making site known to man lol). She said she had started it once a while back, but it never really seemed to be her thing, but that a friend of her had recently gotten her hooked back on it. That being said, I decided to sign up. Iv been doing it for maybe 3 or 4 days, and I've made about 400 SwagBucks. 450-500 SwagBucks will get you a $5 gift card(: I think out of all my sites, I earn the slowest on that one, but it's probably because I spend the least amount of time on it. She cashes out for a gift card almost every other day. There's a lot of different ways to make SBs on there, but I tend to only have time for the Daily Poll, "NOSO"s, and the big 60 SB surveys that are always up, lol. They also send out SwagCodes and you can redeem those for SwagBucks. You occasionally will get SBs for doing searches in their search bar too, so I use that as well. If you're looking for another site to make a quick buck off of, you might want to look into this one(:

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