Swagbucks is a loyalty program on the web. You get to earn swagbucks & once you have enough swagbucks, you can redeem gift vouchers, ultimate game cards or paypal cash.

I was using the Canadian version of swagbucks somehow & it was fairly easy to earn swagbucks. Watching a few videos, searching the web & the daily points gave me around 40-50 swagbucks & I was happy with what I was earning. But then when I wrote to them about the account verification process, they asked me to make an Indian swagbucks account & so I did. My swagbucks were transferred to this new Indian account & the previous account was terminated.

Talking about the Indian version of swagbucks... Indian users get 1 swagbuck for searching the web while other countries get around 5-15 swagbucks for the same. Then the surverys never work for Indian users. Adding to the crisis, watching videos is not an option for Indian users. I could barely earn 10 swagbucks per day. I cancelled my account.

Why such inferior treatment to Indian users? And if they had problems providing earning opportunities to Indian users, why make Swagbucks available for Indian users in the first place?

Thanks for reading :)