I got my Swag Buck credit card today in the mail. I am one of the few that use a credit card for most every thing I purchase but I also pay in full when the statement arrives. I have never paid interest fees and I also never pay an annual fee for a card. I'm excited about the Swag Card as I will get 1000 points on my first charge of any amount and another 3500 points if I charge at least $1000 in the first six months, that equals $45.00, not bad. That sounds like a lot to charge but it really won't be hard to do that as I also pay our insurance with a credit card so I can meet that goal in a few months. After I get my bonus points I think I'll use the card mainly for online purchases as I like to keep a special card just for that as it's easier to keep track of my purchases and any returns I may have.