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I can’t begin to describe the onslaught oF feelings this book prevoked within me. I may cry for many days to come. Don’t misunderstand this. It will be tears of anguish, heartbreak, fear, hope, and victory, and understanding to a certain degree. This is a true story about a young woman whom worked as a bartender. This woman was disinterested in all the different men who showed a passing interest in her. One day, not unlike other days, one particular man caught her attention. In a very short time, what she thought was her dream come true, was actually her worst nightmare.

I have pstd, and anxiety. I have suffered many tragedies in my life. And yet not for one second can I begin to relate to what the author suffered through. Every situation involving domestic abuse is dangerous. Every situation involving domestic abuse is different, and no two cases can be compared. No one situation should ever be belittled, no matter how minor it may seem compared to other situations. With that being said, what I read in this book disgusted me far beyond any abuse situations I’ve ever heard of. And I’ve heard a few.

With every turn of the page, my dread increased, as did my respect for the author. I love how she tells it in narrative. I like that its her telling the story, without trying to recreate the dialog. I love that she wrote it. I can’t begin to imagine what its like putting the very thing that you fear the most at the very forefront of your mind. This author tells of how she survived, not just for herself,but for her baby as well.She was discriminated against by the very people who are sworn to serve. She’s also turned away when she asks for help from outsiders. She knew assault meant she’d be where she couldn’t protect her child. This is the amazing true story about how she got away!

I think every mother, sister, wife, aunt and grandmother needs to read this. Every female needs to know about domestic abuse. I think that this authors courage is admirable,and we need to embrace, and lead by example. If this book can help save even one life, or make someone less knowledgeable, In the know, then I strongly suggest not just women, but men read it too!

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