Sperm function for the process of fertilization? That's right. But it turns out the sperm has more benefits than that, those who swallow it. Might be repulsive to most women, but a survey conducted recently by The State University of New York proves that women who swallow semen partner have a happier life because of the low stress level. The survey results reinforce previous research that evaluated the benefits of swallowing semen for women's health. The research summarized in semen has a chemical that can improve mood and sense of compassion, fix the hours of sleep, and contains at least three anti-depressive agent that thyrotropin-releasing hormone, melatonin, and serotonin neurotransmitter known or unknown. To prove whether semen has a positive effect like antidepressants, the researchers enrolled 293 female students of the university, who agreed to fill the questionnaire about aspects of their sex life.


In the questionnaire contained questions about sexual activity, which recently conducted without the use of condoms to measure the flow of sperm in their bodies. The participants also had to fill the Back Depression Inventory, a clinical measurement used to measure levels of stress.

Survey published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that proves the women who frequent sexual intercourse without using a safety proved to have lower stress levels than those who always use condoms.

Also, after reading this article, does not mean you have to swallow partner's semen to be healthy. You should make sure your partner's semen are free from disease. Do not until you actually get the disease.