For those of you that do Swag Bucks, did you see the offers from Denny's and Burger King? You link which ever credit card you plan to use and get bonus points. I signed up yesterday for Denny's, you get points for sign up then get 107 more when you spend at least $5.00. We went for breakfast yesterday and waiting for my points. Today I signed up for the same type of offer from Burger King, but had to spend $10.00 which isn't hard to do. They had whoppers and chicken sandwiches on sale for two for $5.00 so we got those with our 50 cent ice creams, got home with the food about 10 minutes later and my points were already posted! It says you can do it over again, so I'll have to try to see if I can the next time we go. The other nice thing, I have the same card linked to my Plink account so I get those points too!