My friend &AngelSharuml sent me a writing challenge today. You can try it too. Look for three things closest to where you are sitting and make them part of a flash fiction story. My items were puppy, computer, and a fly.

Here is Angel's from her three words.

Here is mine.

Super Fly

The puppy had reached the awkward teenage years, at least in dog years. She frequently plowed into furniture, collided with the wall, knocked over the lamp and stepped on human body parts that made her owner yell out in pain when the puppy’s sharp nails sliced into her. This time it was her bare toes when the puppy ran over them in a full run.

Her tail wagged at high speeds when she was excited, like a clockwork key unwinding at in a sped up time lapse video. It was strong and long enough to knock a full cup of tea off the coffee table in her frenzied race. The china cup crashed to the hard floor and broke in three pieces.

Her owner picked up the lamp, checked the wall for dents, straightened the furniture the gangly big puppy had shifted out of place in her gleeful charge around the room, and rubbed her sore toes while she bent to wipe up the spilled tea before the dog realized there might be something consumable on the floor.

The dog was quick as a flash. She could dart out of the opened crack of a door before anyone could block her exit. In the midst of a whirl of activity she was exhausting to watch. Picking up after her bursts of crazy was part of the daily routine.

Across the room a fly landed on the computer screen on the bedside table. The puppy, still in overdrive mode, and already headed in that direction, was quicker than her human companion. A mere humanoid stood no chance against a puppy with her long ears flapping behind her head in super hero, cape like fashion, running like the wind.

The human cry of, “Nooooooo…,” could be heard across the house in the split second before the big awkward paws hit the open computer screen and sent the whole thing crashing onto the cement floor. The lit screen blinked twice and faded to black while the puppy happily chewed on the tasty fly, her tail wagging proudly at her hunting prowess, as she stood on her dead electronic conquest.


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