The Volkswagen Jetta Principle says “You impact the energy field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.”

I missed two days of my experiment as a ‘mad scientist’ due to the super typhoon warnings! After preparations have been made for the typhoon, I am back to my task (also to divert my attention).

Here goes: For the next 48 hours, I am about to prove the theory that what you see in life is none other than what you look for. It will also prove that it’s possible to find anything you look for. And most important, it will prove that by changing what you look for, you can radically change what shows up in your world.

Hmmm this is a very interesting experiment.

First 24 hours, I intend to see sunset-beige cars and the next 24 hours, I intend to see yellow butterflies.

Date Started: Nov. 7, 2013 Time: 9:45 pm

“Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to what is known in nature.” —St. AUGUSTINE, LATIN PHILOSOPHER AND THEOLOGIAN

Love and light, Michelle, ripplemaker

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These experiments are found in the book E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout