A precious elephant named Sunder has finally been set free ! He was abused in kept in a small dark shed that he couldn't even turn around or move freely. He was forced to wear spiked chains , had a severe eye injury , skin lesions. Sir Paul McCartney ( former Beatle ) wrote an impassioned letter on Sunder's behalf to the Forest Prime Minister to please set him free. Petitions popped up every where on the internet , people from across the globe began to speak out to support Sunder being set free and it worked ...he is being moved to a wildlife refuge and I hope sweet Sunder can live the remainder of his days in comfort and peace. People need to realize that animals have feelings, emotions and I believe spirits too. They are intelligent, capable of love , like to play and enjoy life just like we do. How can anyone harm such beautiful creatures ? I will never understand and will keep using my voice to speak up for their rights to be respected, protected and loved.