I started watching Suleyman the Magnficent Turkish series because I was in love with a 19 year old girl who also watched it. I didn't end up being with her, but I didn't stop watching the series after. The reason is obvious: I liked the series very much. I usually don't watch love stories like this, but this one got into my heart so deep that I couldn't let go. What kept my attention is that almost everything that happens in the video production also happened in reality, half a millennium ago, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The love story between sultan Suleyman and Hurrem is not the only storyline layer, as the rise of the Ottoman Empire happens in the background and most of the historical happenings are presented in the video production as well.

The production is not a low budget one and can be compared as quality with Hollywood movies. The story is the one of Ottoman sultan Suleyman, who ruled the longest period of all sultans, establish a series of honest laws like never before and was the first to really marry one of the girls who were his slaves. A Russian slave named Adriana (Roxelana in real history) wins the heart of the sultan with a few seductive tricks and becomes his legitimate wife and gives birth to boys and girls. With the atmosphere of "1001 Nights", the decors and the clothes worn by actors are authentic and can impress a lot because of their luxury and beauty. The most interesting fact of this story is that Suleyman, the great ruler of the Ottoman Empire of that time, who gained victory after victory and was merciless with the ones opposing him, was less able to control the intrigues that happened in his own palace, were many of his slaves fought for having a better position in the palace.

Blinded by the love for Hurrem (this is the name he gave to his wife after she converted from Christianity to Islam and means "the one that always laughs" because she always made the sultan feel good with her jokes) into realizing who was honest and who was a betrayer in his palace, the sultan Suleyman had a hard time dealing with the rest of the palace, including his favorite slave, Mahidevran, who loved him very much, but was jealous on Hurrem and fought with her for Suleyman. I recommend this series to anyone, but I don’t know if there is a translation in your own language and even in English. In my country, Romania, the series was very successful, especially because we had our own fights with the Ottoman Empire exactly in those times. It is a good alternative to American productions and the acting is absolutely astonishing.