Okay, so my life's going to be on schedule this coming months. I'm going to be busy for my Grad School. They asked me to retake my #GMAT , apparently they were looking for a higher score. So I have to excel my GMAT exam this late november. Oooh, I really hope I could do it this time.

I already created my #schedule for tomorrow, I have to follow it and be disciplined if I really want to reach my goals. Wish me #Luck guys!

It's funny how I love making my own schedules but I don't usually follow it! hahaha! The last schedule I made for myself that lasted for at least 6 months was when I was in highschool. haha! Well anyways, I have to follow my schedule this time. No more excuses for me! haha! I also created a free time for #bubblews on my schedule, just to make sure I won't get left behind by my connections. I just love Bubblews so much that I can't take it off my schedule. :D

So that's my update for now, Happy Bubbling to all!

Oh! Before I forgot, Does anyone have any tips about studying? or studying for GMAT in particular? Please help me. haha! I know this is already my second time taking the GMAT but clearly I've made mistakes before that's why I got a low score of 410. I only studied for 2 weeks! haha now I'm scared because I'm gonna study for 2 months! I might got distracted at some point. I hope not.

Wish me Luck Guys!

Happy Bubbling!

(I hope I won't get stressed out!, just the thought of retaking it make me feel so stressed! and not to mention the price of the exam!! Which is $125!!! STRESS! hahah)

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#Stress #hope