So, a news article came across my feed today that went into a lot of detail about weird things people grill. It's supposed to be a unique and interesting take on summer time BBQ foods.

What is Summer? Summer is when you, your friends, your family members, and maybe even your neighbors will get together. When the weather is nice it is pretty common for people to host a BBQ during the summer months as well. Now, while the "normal" BBQ food items include things like corn, hot dogs, steaks, and hamburgers if you plan on hosting more than a couple BBQ grill parties the same old thing may get a little old after a while.

Why not get a little creative with your BBQ Grill Foods?

Some interesting and tasty foods that you can cook on a BBG grill include: • Romaine Lettuce • Cheese • French Toast • Watermelon • Desserts

Desserts Now, everyone knows how to make s'mores on a grill. But, did you know there are people who actually GRILL chocolate cakes before they eat them? There are some people who like to grill their bananas before putting them into a banana split. Cupcakes, tarts, and even cookies can be cooked on a grill.

Cheese Now, grilling a solid block of cheese might be my favorite idea from this list. It kind of puts a whole new spin on grilled cheese doesn't it? I cannot imagine it really tastes that different from regular grilled cheese. I might just have to try it someday and find out!

What are some strange things you've grilled?