Unusual happenings this 2014, are you aware?

Strange events are occurring world wide this year, is something coming? So what we have now,2014 year of the horse. I really dont believed whats with the horse, it is really connected to what people might noticed about the those unusual things that are happening in our world today? its been 2 weeks since 2013 and there are few thing that we considered as unusual event happening in the world.

What we have right now is the weather conditions that everyone in the world can feel how how temperature decreased. It is known to be the coldest temperature of the century that even Niagara falls frozen for the first time. Scientist conclude that it could be possible that the polar vortex is caused of deep freeze. This is just one of the thing that we noticed for this 2014.

And we have this abnormal climate conditions caused by low pressure yet there are part in Philippines encountered heavy floods and there are part of sulu that has been destroyed by massive waves.

Another thing, like what happend yesterday...moon shown the best performance by having a moon halo. It is very unusual to have this kind of Phenomena. What we can conclude now?