Yuup! It's true, Dave Hester was fired from A&E's show Storage Wars! Season 4 begins on April 16th and Dave won't be joining the gang. Not only was he fired, but now he's suing A&E claiming the show is fake and that the producers planted items in the storage lockers.

I've watched the show since the first season, and I'd have to say that Dave was one of my least favorite characters on Storage Wars. He always seemed mean to me. I like the rest of the cast members, Barry is probably my favorite. Over his years on the show I had read that Dave really expanded his business, bought a bigger space, bought more trucks, etc. Then last year, he said on the show he got rid of his store and was working out of a warehouse.

I wonder if they'll replace him with someone else? I also heard that the one guy that appeared now and again on the show died, Mark Balelo.