How hard is it for someone to park in there spot or the person they are visiting spot. My spot that is signed to my car and my house is my spot for me to park in with one of y two cars not someone else car that isn't anyone I now. I lookd at this car it isn't someone I know that is for sure.

I know we just got a second car and we have had it for almost two weeks. Which means I have a car with me all of the time and we are home more often so the kids can play with the neighbor kids. Which are the same age as my kids.

This is getting old this is the 3rd car in two weeks in my spot in the front of the house and it makes it difficult to park in the second spot where my husband parks his car since he doesn't have the kids. Really!

I hate being the mean person but it has to be down when I need things to be done and I can do the, while hiking back and forth from my car to the house. And it took me twice as long to do get the groceries in the house cause of this. Grr. Just a waiting for the tow man.