St. Uriel his name means "God is my Light" also can be known as the archangel of wisdom, angel of creativity, wisdom and fire of God. He grants the gift of clairvoyant and psychic abilities and is the patron of all things artistic. He is also the archangel of peace. With the ray that is purple and gold flecked with ruby. He has the qualities of inner peace, tranquility, and hope also divine providence, supply and divine grace. Ask St. Uriel for help whenever you need peace or supply of any thing. St. Uriel can also help end wars and solve court problems. He is also known as the Archangel of Salvation. St. Uriel can show us how to heal some aspects of our lives, turning disappointments into victories, find blessings in adversity, and release the painful burdens and memories of the past by applying the aspect of unconditional forgiveness. His flaming sword is used to purify mental and emotional understanding transfer lower energies into spiritual understanding. St. Uriel is the patron of the sacrament of Confirmation. His day of the week is Wednesday :) #clairvoyant #artistic #psychic **pictures taken from google -internet

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