I've been writing on Squidoo since 2007 - well over 6 YEARS now. I love the site and they were a big part of me getting from earning nothing online to where I am now. (I talk all about my story in Module 1 of One Week Marketing if you're interested).

One thing that I have never really focused on is the Squidoo "lensrank" of my lenses. I am very, VERY impressed by those that get their lenses into the Top 100, but I know it's a cut-throat world trying to get there... and STAY there. But the monthly ad pool Tier 1 payouts each month tend to be worth it for many.

Personally, I prefer to keep my sanity, keep my nose down, and just do my own thing. I worry about one thing in relation to lensrank for my Squidoo lenses... that green check (meaning the lens is "featured" and allowed to be seen by Google).

Currently, only those with a lensrank of 400,000 or better (ie, a lower number) can be seen by Google. If a len has a rank of 400,001 or worse, Squidoo blocks Google from seeing it (goes into WIP - Work In Progress - and is slapped with a 'no-index' tag).

Many times, just keeping a lensrank 'featured' with a green check can be trying, but if set up properly from the 'git go', it's much less of an issue.

The main thing I focus on for my lenses is CTR (click thru rate)... as well as organic traffic, referral traffic, etc. Those are things that really matter (to me) to improve my Squidoo earnings, but for the most part, those things do not affect my monthly Squidoo Ad Pool payments.

So, my question to YOU is....

What do you focus on most when it comes to your Squidoo lenses?


That Green Check?

Something else?

Share in the comments below - I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Jennifer ~PotPieGirl

http://www.potpiegirl.com/ http://oneweekmarketing.com/

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