Have you seen the newest of the Sprint commercials that feature James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell? The series shows the two actors portraying common occurrences on Facebook. For example, the first one I saw had Malcolm McDowell stating "You have a friend request from Brian." James Earl Jones relayed, "You and Brian are now friends."

The new one is really funny, portraying an oh-so-typical fight in the comments. Actually, I rarely see this kind of thing in my own Facebook feed, but I have seen it and I've seen it so many places on the Internet. The commercial nails it and is quite funny in that respect. One person is trying to sell a ticket. The other person is trying to buy the ticket. But the buyer did not follow the seller's "rules."

Check it out if you haven't seen it. http://youtu.be/fT_boIcaoK0

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Photo is screenshot of the YouTube video page -- fair use.