I’m not sure anyone believes the tales that have come from the show: Breaking Amish. Nonetheless, people are watching because they’ve done a spin off: Breaking Amish: L.A. I swore I wouldn’t watch, but I was Bubbling away, and there it was on the TV set. Then that’s whole “It’s a train wreck and you can’t look away” thing started.

One guy totally caught my eye (not in that way—get your mind out of the gutter).

Sam is 26, lives at home and shares a bedroom with his brother in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, among the Amish. We first see him in bed wearing bright red long johns, his pajamas. It’s a major no-no for the Amish he tells us, because it’s considered vain to wear red. And so he wears them to bed.

That’s his big step into the world of rebellion. He says he knows that when he does get married to a typical Amish girl, she’ll be shocked at his red pajamas. Then Sam says with a bit of a wry smile that he’s sure she’d be excited by it, too. Seriously, it said that, too.

Sam admits he knows he should be out on his own, living with an Amish wife, having children, but he just can’t give up the single life. Seriously, he said that. He gets up, works a construction job, then goes home where he slips into his naughty red pajamas. He’s a virgin. He can’t give all that that up. Getting married would cramp his style.

His sister is the real cast member on the show, but it’s obvious Sam will be a big part of it all. Despite his naughty ways with the red jammies, Sam cannot empathize with his sister. He tells the world that he’s sure that Satan has gotten “ahold” of her because she is combing her hair differently than other Amish women, and dressing differently than other Amish girls (although only an Amish fellow would know).

I promise I’m going to try to stay away from following these people, but geez, this is hard to pass up. How can I pass up the chance to catch a guy who is so happy about wearing red pajamas…a guy who appreciates the little things?

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