“General Hospital” fans know that the character of Luke is in trouble, again. This time it is his life at sake. He has been poisoned by the evil Helena. He must find the cure or he will die. Past love, Holly is currently helping him find the cure. Their adventure has taken them to the home of Sean Donely, a past WSB agent and friend of Luke, Holly’s, Robert’s and Anna. Eventually, the trial will led Luke to Jerry Jax who is very much alive. The question is will Luke find out that Robin is alive as well?

Mac and Felicia begin their wedding ceremony. Yet, before they can say “I Do” one of their guests fall sick due to a deadly cocktail.

Morgan pretends that he hasn’t heard the news that Kiki isn’t a Quartermaine after Michael storms in to stop their wedding. Now the question is did Michael stop the ceremony before the couple had time to say I do?

Soon Max’s water breaks. Yet, it doesn’t look like it will be an easy birthing experience. Chances are that another baby switch will be played out on air.

It should be an interesting week on “General Hospital.” Enjoy.

Photo Source: Wiki