When my cousin Heather died recently at a young age from colon cancer, everyone at her memorial service was given a triangular envelope containing a butterfly. They all released their butterflies at the service. Since then her children have spotted butterflies nearby. I hope this poem does her a little justice and honours her. She is a loved butterfly spirit.

Spirit in the Butterflies


I saw you again in the garden today, touching down momentarily to drink the sweet nectar, your orange and black colours fluttering airily in the bright light.

You were there the other day too, in a field of blooming flowers, dancing on the currents of unseen air, free from pain, your spirit open, your soul revived.

Once more in a dreamy state I felt your wings brush my cheeks, caressing me while I dozed in the warm sun, a kiss from heaven to let us know you were watching over us.

You were there while we played on the grass, our laughter lifting you in flight on a current of warmth.

If our memories keep you with us in butterfly spirit, and winging alive in our world, to touch our souls with sparks of joy, at visions of your presence, then our garden will forever be blessed, since you will not be forgotten.

Dance on. Dance on, carefree spirit. You lift us up with you in your flight.


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