There is a lot of ensaymada bread/pastry but what I like most is the special ensaymada in my country. It is also known as Majorcan Ensaimada in Spain. It is one of bread pastry that I love to eat during my mid-afternoon or mid night snack together with either juice, soda or coffee.

It is a type of sweet pastry that resembles the bread in Majorca Spain that uses pork lard as an ingredient together with flour, eggs, water, sugar and mother dough. Ensaymada/Ensaimada is well-known pastry in my country and can buy in any bakery shops. It has a lot of variations of this pastry. Some of this variants are plain, pumpkin flavor, sweet cream, chocolate flavor and filling sometime apricot as well.

The ensaymada in Philippines is the best for me, top with cheese/margarine and sugar for the plain ensaymada or ordinary ensaymada pastry and the other is with cheese, sugar and salted egg and called special ensaymada. The Spaniards introduces this pastry to the Filipinos during their stay in the Philippines and then learned and developed by Filipinos and sold as snacks or for special occasions.

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