So apparently it's not against the law to ban ObamaCare in any state. It's up to the state leaders to do so though. There is one state that I heard is banning it and that is South Carolina. I'm sure there will be more states to follow if they are in agreement enough. This is a good idea if you have a majority of people who disagree with it. I know that there are some people who really don't want it. I have heard some people are paying more than they used to pay before for their health insurance with this supposedly good health care we're supposed to be getting.

I'm not sure that forcing us to pay for it is a good idea though and then fining us if we don't pay for it is ideal for all. It makes you wonder what else will the President force us to pay for along those lines. That's just my opinion. If you benifit from it then that is a good thing but all of us are not. I personally sometimes wish this would have been around when I was 25 so I could have stayed on my parent's insurance when I got deathly ill at that age and had no insurance.


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