Most of us fret on the simplest of things. We get offended by what our friend said or when our neighbour put their radio on max. We hate it when people say a belief opposite to what we believe in. We get mad at the waiter for getting our orders wrong, and even in our officemate who got the promotion which we should've gotten.

The truth is everyone else is just living their own lives! Has it ever crossed your mind that the waiter got your orders wrong because he has a family problem that's keeping his mind off his work? Maybe a relative passed away or his wife left him? Have you ever thought of that? Rather than yelling at him and requesting to have a word with a manager, why don't we just understand the situation. It's just an order. Would you want someone who's already struggling with his bills to be fired just because you didn't get what you wanted? Yes, it is his job but he's not perfect. Like you.

You got offended by what your friend said. Do you know that 90% of the time, a friend will be mortified by the fact that she offended you. Truth is, we can't control every single word that we say. Truth is, probably like your friend, you've also said something that offended him or her and she didn't mind it at all.

You're trying to sleep and your neighbour turned the radion on max. It annoys you? Then why don't you go to your neighbour and have a chat with them about it? Rather than spreading gossip and having a feud that could go on for years. A simple communicating would solve it all out. Stop making things complicated. Truth is, they didn't mean to keep you awake.

We need to stop ourselves from making decisions based on petty things. It can ruin other people's lives and relationships. Truth is most of the time it's nothing personal. It's just people trying to live their own lives and like you, forget that other are living it too. Sometimes we need to accept the fact that it's just life!

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