Just keep telling yourself that and it will manifest itself. I'm no meditation guru, and I aint done this meditation thing long enough to have an informed view of what meditation can do for a person spiritualy. But what I can tell you, with confidence and conviction, is that meditation is changing my life for the better. I've never felt so refreshed in my life, spiritually. I now look forward to every split second of life, with the mentality that "something exciting is going to happen to me today", this is a notion I picked up from a very inspiring and enlightened lady I stumbled across whilst researching meditation. Her name is Carol Tuttle and she has been practising this ancient art of self healing for over 15 years. The points she shares are so relevant and true, ad they are helping me become a better, and stronger force for good. I would recommend every member on BUBBLEWS to try this form of healing and or tapping into the universe. Whenever I get that feeling of anxiety or doubt I just meditate and after the session I feel refreshed and my fears are gone.