Hello bubble friends! Good day! Just want to share my experienced this morning. When I go to work, I decided to take my motorcycle, instead of take jeepney, just because I need to go first in the market to buy some food for my lunch.

When I’m on my way going to work, I enjoy driving. I always look in my side mirror just to make sure that no vehicle in my back to overtake to me. Because sometimes, there is a reckless driver wanted to overtake and no even care to the other. When I am near in front of our company, I decided to turn on my warning signal as a reminder that I will stop soon. Suddenly, when I get off to my motorcycle, to open the gate, I noticed that someone following me. There was a one guy riding a motorcycle also, when I get stop, he also get stop near me, ten meters far on my place. I saw him, stare at me a very long time. When I put my motorcycle inside, and went in gate to closed it, the guy is still there looking at me. I feel scared, because I didn’t know him in the first place. I don’t know what he is planning to do next to me. Until now, I can’t take out in my mind that kind of incident. I am thinking what best I will do when I will go home this afternoon?

I hope God will guide me, take me.