Some of the old movies are very beautiful to watch with good stories and good acting. Most of the old movies of the 1980s and 1990s have good morals. I think it is good to have good morals in the movies. Now a days it is good to have movie channels in the television that shows lots of good movies and some of them show old movies.

I do love to watch the old movies on the television. I used to watch lots of movies when I was child. Those days there was only one or two movies telecasted on the television every week and we used to wait for days wanting to see the movie that are telecasted on the television during the weekends. Most of the movies have very good stories and less violence. I like less violence movies and movies that makes you think and make you happy watching it. We had Malayalam movies on the television, our regional language movie, every Sunday evening.

I sometimes wish that more quality movies comes that makes you think and that leave good messages and also the movies that make you laugh and happy.

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