I have seen a ton of people dress up as a superhero for Halloween, and many other people dress up as an enemy as well; however, I have yet to see two people dress up as a hero and villain for Halloween.

That is the main reason behind me writing this article. I wanted to expose you to some of the best hero and villain costume ideas that I could come up with!

I won’t waste a lot of time on the introduction. Choose any of the following superhero/enemy combinations and you will have one of the best costumes at the party.

-Batman and Joker -Spiderman and Green Goblin -Rocky and Mister T -Iron Man and Blizzard

As I had said before, this is not a complete list of all of the hero and villain dress up ideas that you can pull off for a Halloween party; these are simply the ones that i deem as being the best.

To make this deal even sweeter, many of these Halloween costumes can be made as DIY projects if you have some spare clothes and a great imagination.