I recently learned about the FAASF which is stands for “File As A Spouse First” option. Did you know one spouse can delay taking their own social security retirement benefit while claiming retirement under the other spouse’s benefit? If you’re near retirement, then you should consider all your options carefully. Your benefit from your spouse would be approximately 50% and it’s my understanding that you can collect the FFASF until you decide to fully retire (at age 66 or 70) and then receive your full benefits.

It’s important that you speak with someone at Social Security who understands the “loophole” of the FAASF. Some representatives are unaware of this option so don’t take “no” as an answer. You can begin to research by reading “Retirement Benefits” which is Publication # 05-10035 or call the SSA at 800-772-1213.

This is a direct quote from the above referenced Social Security publication: “… if you are full retirement age, you can apply for retirement benefits and then request to have payments suspended. That way, your spouse can receive a spouse’s benefit and you can earn delayed retirement credits until age 70.”

This may be a nice way to supplement your income with a check each month while you’re waiting for full retirement age.