I have been experimenting as of late with some aspects of our beloved bubblews. I you have been following me then you are aware of the fact that I have made a few posts concerning things like learning the tags and bubblepulse and stuff, as well as why I am experimenting.

Why? Well because I am have been noticing... oh hold on just read this...


Basically this is just a post about how many users seem to have so many more likes and views and to me it seems suspect. I have a lot of connections and am lucky these days to earn a buck a post and even that is rare. What's going on? is it.. could it be legal? is it social shares maybe and if so legal ones? I intent to find out.

How? well I have just now started playing with the social media shares, going to see if they really help that much. I always have used the twitter.. but I am tiring all of the options listed for us.. worth a shot. How many views do you get?