With so many social media sites out there today, you have to wonder why there aren't more listed here on Bubblews. I'd like to see a Pin It button and a few more. My favorite social media sharing site used to be Stumble Upon, however they no longer will accept link submissions from this site. So my question to everyone out there is which social media sharing sites would you like to see added to Bubblews and which ones have you have success with? Are there new sites out there that offer promise? Some seem to come and go, and what is your theory as to why Stumble Upon dumped Bubblews? I feel it may very well be because there are a lot of posts here that are poorly written, hard to read and have little to do with any of the categories listed, save for miscellaneous and personal. There are a lot of good posts written by people in earnest as well. There's very few standards in place though and as a result, there may be some social media networks that are just going to trash this site in pursuit of those where standards are a lot higher. That's one theory what's yours? #social-media #media-sharing #stumble-upon #twitter Image by #Dawn-Gagnon