I'm not sure what people are thinking anymore. The term 'hump day' has long been used to express the sense that half the work week, the hardest part, is over with and everything will lead to the weekend. Geico created a commercial with a talking camel that was really excited on every Wednesday because it was Hump Day, and he is a camel. Catchy right? The camel wanders around the office asking everyone if they knew what day it was while using an overly goofy and cheerful voice.

Well, at least one school in Connecticut has decided to ban students from saying 'Hump Day'. Apparently, it is disruptive. I don't know if the sixth graders were being perverted or just goofy, as they were supposedly just saying it every day and counting down till hump day. Either way, I think its hilarious that they said it so much that the teachers felt the need to ban it.

Camel: "Guess what day it is?"

Sad response from tired officer worker: "...it's hump day."

Camel: "Woot Wooooot!"

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