I so frustrated with time warner cable .I have paid my bill on time every month.Well i had a bunch of credits on my account that didnt apply to the account and they cant figure out why.So now they wont work with me.I owe them 18.18 cause the credits fell off my account.So they told me today if i dont pay it before monday they will be cutting off all of my services.Remind you all i have had hell over the last two years with my services.I am a previous insight customer.Ever since i had my services i hadnt had good service.I paid my bill every month.Well when time warner took over the have been working on my servoces.They finally got them all fixed right.Now they are going to cut me off what the hell.Over so damn credits that feel off its not my fault but my bill has been paid in full.They are saying that i didnt pay the full bill i know i did.The credits is what is making it not paid in full im so sick of this crap.Im just abut to give up and not have any services.