Yesterday I began working on some more #coffee-creamer-bottle crafts to add to my #seasonal collection of them that we use as table-centerpieces. I already have a Santa one to use for December, but I decided to also make a snowman one, which I can also keep using into January when it is still winter and no longer Christmas.

To make the #Snowman coffee creamer bottle centerpiece I used a 16 ounce Coffee Mate brand bottle. I choose the smaller version to sit by the larger bottle Santa I have and I will probably make a bigger snowman to go with it and make a snowman family eventually. I also selected the Coffee Mate one for its red lid, as it makes the snowman have a Santa like hat. I had a Bailey's bottle that would have been good with its black top for a traditional snowman look, but I saved that for making a penguin (will post about that one soon). I might have to buy some Bailey's coffee creamer sometime to make another snowman or I guess I could just paint the lid on one of the other bottles I have saved for making more centerpieces.

To make the bottle look like a snowman I painted it all white. I then painted black dots to make the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons to look like they were made with coal. I thought briefly about doing a carrot nose with orange paint, but I thought it looked better just as a black dot since I was not doing 3D effects on the bottle.