A few days ago while I was googling myself I had the surprise to discover that I had a profile on a site I hadn't remembered registering: Sjkrive.It. Obviously, I was curious to find out more about it and immediately discovered that Skrive.It is in fact the new, and apparently improved, version of Publish.Us, one of the sites on which I published some articles. The first impressions I have after checking the new site are rather positive: the design is better and the stats more comprehensive compared with those from Publish.Us. I set a payout threshold of $1 for the moth of November and I'm curious to see if I can reach just from sharing my old material on social media; I have no intention to publish anything new on Skrive.It until I have the confirmation that it's not a waste of time anymore, cause that was my opinion about the former Publish.us. Anyway, it's too early for me to draw any conclusion about Skrive.It. I will be happy if it proves to be a reliable site, especially since it allows me to republish articles from other sites, on condition that the articles are published only on two previous sites before Skrive.It. I don't have high expectations from it, but I am willing to give it a chance. Maybe it's worth posting on it, I guess I'll soon know the answer.