Danger : Mobile

While cell phones are not officially associated with the disease , what we now know is quite disturbing . International Agency for Research on Cancer said electromagnetic activity from mobile phones as possible carcinogens , and in-vitro experiments Gazi University in Turkey showed that certain levels of cell phone radiation quadruples breast cancer cell growth and death of sperm triples . Your brain might be in danger . Just 50 minutes of cell phone use causes a significant increase in glucose in the brain in the exposed area . Elevated glucose in the brain is associated with Alzheimer's disease .

Tip: Reduce exposure by making calls more often instead of sending messages . When you talk , keep a cell phone at least a couple of inches away from your ear or use the speaker . When a cell phone is not in use, keep it in the bag , not in the womb , bra or pocket .

Hazard: Gel hand sanitizer

Do you think that will help replace water and soap ? Great . Be aware that you put in the hands of benzalkonium chloride - an active ingredient , common in gels for hand disinfection . This is a astmogenu , a family of compounds that can cause asthma in otherwise healthy people .

Tip: To avoid benzalkonium chloride refer gel that is not based on alcohol and no synthetic colors and fragrances . Most colors and scents are harmless , but can also cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin .

Danger : Lip Balm Many popular balsams still contain parabens , which are known to disrupt the hormonal balance and kerosene , which may be contaminated with hydrocarbons , and they damage the nervous system after prolonged exposure . Another common anti-aging ingredient , retinol palmitate , can produce potentially carcinogenic compounds when exposed to light .

Tip: Look balm without parabens , petroleum, retinol palmitate , synthetic fragrances .

Danger : Paper invoices

You might look innocent , but the accounts are full of bisphenol A ( BPA ) . Moreover , among the three largest sources of BPA are paper invoices . A touching them with your fingers very easily they can enter the body through the skin . BPA linked to obesity and diabetes , cancer and infertility .

Tip: Due to the current law and the bill still need to take with you , the only way to account well after touching wash your hands . Hold accounts in a special container , and do not keep them scattered across the bag .

Danger : Plastic water bottles

Drinking water is a good habit , but you must be aware that the cans and plastic bottles great sources of BPA . For a lot of them is thrown out , but those on the bottle label containing seven , still contain it .

Tip: On the market there are a lot of containers without BPA . To be sure , completely discard plastic bottles and use glass or stainless steel , which when exposed to high temperatures will not release harmful chemicals in your drinking water.

Danger : Perfumes

Companies producing perfume are protected by the sense that you do not have to contain secret ingredients that put the perfume . And that can be a problem if you have problems with allergies , because it is possible that the perfume has just one ingredient that you can not answer. What's worse , some of the ingredients can be really harmful to health . Flatali , for example, block male sex hormones.

Tip: Use organic smells natural. If you can no synthetic perfumes , be sure to avoid pregnancy .